About Me

I am Joshua Felix S. Tadena. I work as a malware killer by night and I run and eat a lot on my spare time.

I started running when I was a kid and my parents told me that I learned to run first before I walked. They also told me that I started to run with my arms spread apart that’s why I have lots of records of broken figurines, flower vases and porcelain jars under my belt.

Since I was little, I love to play sports. Whether it’s on real life or video games, I really have a passion for these kind of activities. I enjoyed playing basketball but sadly, I didn’t reach my desired height of six feet that’s why I ended up on the sidelines, writing sports articles for my school paper and other media as well. On rough times, I lace up my boxing gloves and ask my dad for sparring in the backyard.

It was a very tough childhood. 🙂

After I graduated from college, I stopped writing. I erased all my blogs. Even my written articles depicting love, hate and nonsense stuff, I’ve thrown it all away. I was fed up of writing.

It came to a point when I started to gain weight and I loss interest in going to the gym. I suddenly felt the urge to try running again. Since my office is just near the Ultra Track Oval in Pasig, I bought my first pair of running swooshes and gave them a spin. At the last week of April 2011, I started to train and run again. I signed up for my very first 5K run last May 1, 2011.

Since then, I enjoyed and I started to love running. It gives me a stress releasing outlet and it improves my overall fitness. It instills you discipline and focus. It gives you confidence. It always reminds you that you can go on as long as you want to go on. Personally, I use running events as a quiet time with God. It is the time where I thank him for giving me healthy legs to run and clear eyes to see.

Just recently, I finished my very first 21K at Condura Skyway Marathon 2012 last February 5 at 2:14:13. Not bad for a beginner but I know, I can perform better.

Now, I promised myself to be faster, stronger and wiser.

Through this blog, I will share my experiences, insights, news, rants and everything about running.

Can I be your new running buddy?

Shoot me an iMessage at joshtadena@yahoo.com! 🙂

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